Capital Works Considerations

All capital works require proper consideration and expertise to ensure that the resulting project is well-managed. Experience has shown that decisions based on the lowest cost generally end up with delays, a higher financial outlay, and possible risk exposure areas. The greater the consideration that is given prior to commencement, the more likely that your...

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Airbnb & short-term rentals in NSW

Short-term rentals (usually less than 30 days) present an opportunity for homeowners to make or save money for a brief period.  The advertising tells you that you can then put your money to good use, such as mortgages, holidays or other treats. For most of us, it is hard to save similar sums over similar timeframes...

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strata living

Sustainability in Apartment Living

NABERS for Apartments NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a government program that provides operational performance ratings for buildings. NABERS has been in use for commercial buildings for more than a decade and in that time 72% of Australia’s office space has been rated with NABERS Energy. Together, those buildings are saving 383,300t of...

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Consolidation of by-laws

This guide has been prepared to assist committees in their evaluation of whether to install security cameras. First and foremost, we recommend that your starting point be to create your list of reasons that you are considering this course of action, and your list of intended use. The aim of this guide is to provide you...

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Considering CCTV in strata buildings

Where any change in the by-laws is lodged for recording on the common property folio, the change must be lodged in the form of a consolidated version of the by-laws affecting the scheme that incorporates the change. This information guide is aimed at providing: a) clarity as to the process for lodging a change of by-laws...

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Problem Parking

This information guide is aimed at providing some clarity as to what to do when an owners corporation (OC) needs to deal with problem parking.   PRIVATE PARKING SPOTS Whilst the issue of parking in a private car spot is with the individual lot owner, the best approach in finding a solution is to see if other owners...

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False fire alarm charge increases

In 2015, 97% of the Automatic Fire Alarms (AFA) that Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) responded to were due to false alarms. Crucial resources should be available for genuine emergencies. Repeated false fire alarms may reduce the likelihood that a real alarm will be treated in a timely manner, potentially leading to injury or loss...

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How to make your apartment feel bigger

Apartment living is on the rise in Australia as older couples downsize from the large family home for a convenient lifestyle with less maintenance and young families make their first step into home ownership. Whether you’re new to apartment living or you’ve been enjoying the life for a while, here are some simple suggestions for creating...

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