Strata & Community Title Management Services

We provide tailored strata management solutions for strata schemes, building management committees and community associations in the bay area and beyond. After engaging with us, we will meet with you, conduct a strata health check and review all expenditure items. Your strata manager will then tailor a management solution for your scheme including an action plan for urgent service requirements.




Providing advice on legislative matters, maintaining the common seal, managing the strata roll, and maintaining a minute book and correspondence file.


Maintaining a trust account, the collection of levies, monitoring and arranging for recovery of levy arrears, payment of invoices, providing monthly financial reporting, providing statutory reconciled accounts, providing accounts and records for audit, preparation of an administrative fund budget, and arranging a capital works fund budget.


Preparation and lodgment of routine insurance claims, arranging insurance valuations, obtaining quotes for insurance renewals and insurance renewals.


Preparation and attendance at meetings, prioritisation of important agenda items, and distribution of meeting notices and minutes.


Arranging work orders for maintenance of common property, assisting with selection of service providers, and advice in relation to the contracting of services.


Lodgment of annual fire regulation’s certification and arranging workplace health and safety reports.


Education and guidance on by-laws and advice on registration, updates, and management of by law breaches.


Provision of online services to provide access to strata plans, by laws, minutes, levies and emergency contacts, provision of welcome pack to new owners and ongoing owner communications, provision of quarterly executive committee newsletter, and provision of strata-related information guides to owners.


We provide property developers with practical advice on the legislative, operational and financial ramifications of different schemes to support the development of liveable and enjoyable communities.

Planning management structures

Our consultancy team are experts in planning and structuring complex arrangements involving building management committees, community associations and strata schemes.

By law review

We will review draft by laws and advise on the practicalities to minimise issues and disputes.


With years of experience behind us, our budgets and levy estimates are substantiated and realistic.

Set up

We will guide you through the documentation requirements necessary on registration of a strata plan such as; certifications, manuals, warranties, as builts, and maintenance schedules.

Community title management

The Strata Plus Group manages some of the biggest master planned communities across NSW. We employ specialist strata managers who have a thorough understanding of community title and overlapping titling structures.

Tiered management structures

Our level of experience with larger and more complex schemes is unmatched by any other agency. Fifty percent of the buildings managed by the Strata Plus Group are in building management committee arrangements.